Staverton, Trowbridge

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Our aim for Staverton is to create a well connected community that embraces the site’s natural assets whilst creating desirable environment to live and play.

Our vision for this land is to create a sustainable addition to the Staverton community that is shaped by nature whilst promoting health, well-being and a long term legacy. This will achieved by connecting the community to facilities and nature by sustainable means and by enhancing a sense of community through creating positive social spaces, well overlooked streets and direct links to community assets, including Staverton Club and Staverton C of E Primary School.

Staverton, Trowbridge

The concept is centered on a new green infrastructure that creates a sense of strong identity, that is connected to the wider popular network of spaces and is highly respectful of its context. It should also strive for the highest architectural, urban and landscape design.

Most importantly, it should also promote the health, wellbeing and social cohesion as a core feature - striving for architectural merit and for resilience to the effects of climate change. Staverton will achieve this through its three layers of connection, community and environment to establish a positive long term legacy for the site.

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