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Lower Heathcote lies to the south-east of the historic town of Warwick, immediately adjacent to our company headquarters and is divided into three separate areas of land.

Gallagher Estates prepared development proposals for the site having consulted at length with the local community, securing planning permission in 2016 for 1,455 new homes, community facilities and public open space to be delivered in three phases.

The first phase of 220 homes, sold to Barratt and David Wilson Homes, is completed. The next phase, comprising 785 homes, was sold to Bovis and Barratt Homes and is now at an advanced stage of development. Planning permission on the final 450 units was secured via appeal to the Secretary of State and work to commence delivery of this is now underway.

This development is testament to the speed and efficiency of our business model. Within five years of commencing work on the preparation of a planning application, 220 new homes, with 40 per cent affordable housing, have been built with substantial progress made on the two later phases of development. Gallagher Estates supported Warwick District Council in establishing the roof tax approach to infrastructure funding via Section 106 contributions – that we had been instrumental in devising, originally in Milton Keynes.

The two latter phases of development comprise 1,235 homes, again with 40 percent affordable housing, with the provision of a primary school, a country park and a substantial section of a spine road designed to support the future growth of south Warwick and Leamington.

Construction of the homes is ongoing and the new Heathcote Primary School was officially opened in October 2017. The local authority is progressing the detailed design scheme for the country park.

Gallagher Estates has played a pro-active role in delivering the housing needs of this area where affordability has been a bar to many first-time buyers in recent times. We have also made significant contributions towards education provision, highway improvements and other infrastructure to ensure the sustainable growth of this well planned new community.

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