Back to school

Back to school

The business, which is one of the leading strategic land companies in the UK, has been responsible for the creation of four schools which have all opened in the last fortnight.

The schools which opened this term – three primaries and a secondary – have been created to serve new developments in Wixams, near Bedford, Milton Keynes and Warwick and will cater for around 2,000 pupils.

The opening of Wixams Tree Primary is the second of four primary schools to open on the Wixams development alongside the neighbouring Wixams Academy Secondary School.

Following the successful opening of Whitehouse Primary School last year, Gallagher Estates facilitated the opening of Fairfields Primary School as master developer in the Milton Keynes Western Expansion Area.

The 846 acres of land within the Western Expansion Area is being transformed into a thriving new community of 6,550 new homes along with mixed use areas, five schools, sports and leisure facilities, and open spaces.

Most recently, Gallagher Estates helped to open the new Heathcote Primary School in Warwick – just a few hundred metres from its headquarters.

The new school will serve the company’s new Warwick Gateway development which is seeing the construction of 1,600 homes and a new country park.

Over a five-year period, Gallagher Estates is expecting to provide seven primary schools and two secondary schools in Milton Keynes with a further seven schools planned elsewhere.

These will be in addition to the Pathfinder Primary School in Northstowe, Cambridgeshire, and Heathcote Primary School in Warwick which are both already open.

Gallagher Estates has secured consent on more than 3,227 housing plots and has secured planning on 206 developable acres, spread over 10 separate sites, to the end of June 2017. Delivering vital infrastructure on these sites, such as schools and transport links, means new development is properly supported and ensures the local community’s housing demands are met.

Gregg Wilkinson, Group Managing Director of Gallagher Estates, said the new openings are part of an on-going investment in education, with further schools coming forward in Banbury, Rugby, Llanwern and St Neots.

He said: “The provision of schools is a vital part of creating real and lasting communities and it has been really rewarding to see the four schools open this term – which have been years in the planning – but are now enjoyed by local children using state-of-the-art facilities.

“At Heathcote, we are able to see the community grow from our office so it is especially pleasing to play a part in the opening of the school.”

Gallagher Estates operates across the UK and in the last 12 months has secured consent on more than 3,227 housing plots.

Caption: Gregg Wilkinson from Gallagher Estates (left) with Fairfields Primary School head teacher Matthew Shotton

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