“Place making” is the golden thread which runs through all of our developments

Our approach to land acquisition and development has been fine-tuned during the last 60 years and is proven to maximise value.

We personalise each agreement to suit the needs of the landowner, allowing them to be involved in the overall process as much or as little as they want.

We provide all of the funding required, building a team of highly experienced professionals suitable for the individual needs of the site.

We prepare a planning strategy for the landowner to approve and hold consultations with the local community to keep everyone happy.

We produce a high-quality product through stringent ‘design-codes’, developing infrastructure such as roads, business premises and schools that de-risk the site for developers and increase overall value.

But above all else, L&Q Estates is a ‘Place Maker’ - the golden thread which runs through all of our developments whether they are 50 home ‘edge of village’ sites , 10,000 home new settlements or 1 million square foot warehouses.


Land acquisition

Tidbury Green, Solihull


1. initial meetings at your convenience.
2. agree terms suitable to your needs.
3. instruct planning & engineering team.
4. obtain planning permission.
5. we buy the land from you after valuation.


1. initial meetings at your convenience.
2. agree terms suitable to your needs.
3. instruct planning & engineering team.
4. obtain planning permission.
6. develop infrastructure if required
7. sell land to suitable developers and share profits

Our land team is focused on identifying and sourcing suitable sites for development throughout the UK. Our business model, unlike many of our competitors, is founded on “patient capital” and therefore enables us to fashion our agreements to reflect the requirements of our land-owning partners.

We secure land by way of freehold purchase (typically with a future uplift payable to the landowner upon grant of planning consent), promotion agreement, option agreement, corporate acquisition or joint venture.

L&Q Estates has been responsible for some of the largest and most complex strategic land developments in the country and our team is well versed in dealing with the complexities of large-scale site assembly, equalisation and tax matters.

Our landowner partners include private individuals, landed estates, farm businesses, national and international companies, world-renowned academic institutions, charities, local authorities and public sector bodies.

Planning & Engineering

Bampton, Oxfordshire

Our team of experienced in-house planners has been brought together from a background of house builders, consultants and local authorities. Commercially focused, we ensure that both development value and design quality are maximised throughout the promotion and development process.

Our planning team work very closely with our engineering department throughout the planning stages to ensure that development costs are properly managed by identifying the most cost effective and innovative infrastructure design solutions.

Key to our success is our commitment to working and engaging with the local communities within which we operate. We pride ourselves on the efforts we go to in ensuring we fully understand the needs of the local community, with the L&Q Estates team taking a lead role in engaging with local residents, stakeholders, community groups, parish and town councils, ward members and politicians.

Our extensive experience of dealing with sites of all sizes and complexities means there are few issues we have not encountered before.Whether highways, drainage, flooding or site-remediation problems, we are able to find a solution which is cost effective enabling us to unlock complex sites where others may have failed before.

Infrastructure Delivery

Northstowe, Cambridgeshire

Our in-house construction team sets us apart from many of our competitors. Involved in our site promotion from conception to the very end of the development, we are able to ensure that our master plans are created with one eye firmly on the provision and delivery of site wide strategic infrastructure.

This thorough and detailed approach also ensures that all aspects of the overall infrastructure package are rigorously tested and engineered to ensure our vision for the overall development is delivered in the most cost effective way possible.

Undertaking the negotiation of section 38, 104 and 278 agreements and designing, pricing, tendering and delivering site-wide infrastructure not only ensures the prompt delivery of our sites to the market, but also serves to reduce house-builder contingencies and lead-in times, thereby maximising land values.

Land Sales

Northstowe, Cambridgeshire

Having acquired an interest in the land, secured planning and either partly or fully serviced the site with infrastructure, our development team sell fully serviced “oven-ready” de-risked plots to a combination of PLC and SME house builders and commercial developers.

Our unique approach to site servicing allows us to create a multitude of different sized development tranches enabling us to sell to numerous house builders and commercial developers to suit their size and return on capital requirements.

In turn, this not only ensures we maximise land values but also enables us to deliver development at a far faster pace than many of our competitors, thereby assisting local authorities in keeping up with their housing delivery targets and ensuring that we are at the forefront of helping to solve the national housing shortage.