Clapham, Bedfordshire


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L&Q Estates secured two Promotion Agreements on land to the west of Milton road in Clapham. Together with the neighbouring landowner, Bedfordshire Charitable Trust, the land was promoted through the emerging Clapham neighbourhood Plan.

The highly collaborative process with the Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Plan Group resulted in the site being selected as the preferred residential allocation in the emerging Neighbourhood Plan.

The process involved a rigorous site selection process and involved the whole community in shaping how the village would grow over the forthcoming plan period. L&Q Estates and Bedfordshire Charitable Trust worked closely with the Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan Group to develop a planning application that would meet the aspirations of the local community.

Clapham, Bedfordshire

The application for 500 new homes and a site for a new primary school is expected to be determined in 2023.

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