Developers & Promoters of Residential, Commercial & Mixed-Use Developments

L&Q Estates - previously known as Gallagher Estates - has been in the business of identifying, promoting and acquiring land for over 60 years. Throughout this journey we have gained experience of working with a wide range of people - creating communities that work for everyone.

So if you are a land owner or land agent interested in finding out how we could help realise your ambitions, or those of your client, then please have a look through the LAND ACQUISITION pages we have created for you HERE. This includes details of how we personalise each deal to suit your needs, together with some real-life examples of how we’ve helped landowners to unlock the potential of their land.

If you are a local authority, house builder or professional adviser interested in working with us then please visit the LAND DEVELOPMENT section of the website HERE. With key facts and information about how we have delivered medium and large-scale housing and commercial development sites across the UK, including detailed case studies and testimonials, you can explore quality developments that have created communities and maximised returns for our land-owning partners.

With significant financial resources, combined with the experience and expertise to assemble land, promote and secure planning and deliver the infrastructure required, L&Q Estates is at the forefront of facilitating much-needed housing and commercial development in the UK.