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Developers & promoters of residential, commercial & mixed-use developments.

“As the last few years have emphasised, the demand for new and affordable housing remains a considerable challenge for the country as a whole. Generations of future home owners struggle to gain a foothold on the property ladder, stifling the economic progress that owning a home can bring.

Whilst the government remains committed to building over 300,000 homes a year, even the start of that journey - finding land suitable for development - remains a formidable challenge, relying on the vision and ambitions of landowners and developers alike.

Turning that bare land into thriving communities requires an even greater step - where challenge at every level, from securing planning to delivering infrastructure, is the norm.

L&Q Estates has over 60 years of expertise in unlocking and delivering strategic development sites. Our portfolio contains developments ranging from 25 to 6,500 houses, together with a variety of commercial sites.

For every opportunity, our approach is tailored to meet the unique requirements of the site, but always grounded in our underlying philosophy; to minimise risk, maximise returns and deliver exceptional quality developments.

Achieving these objectives time and time again is entirely down to the quality of our in-house team. Recruiting and retaining the very best industry professionals has resulted in a team with the skills and expertise necessary to negotiate, assemble, promote and deliver land for development.

Ultimately it is through selling land, both residential and commercial, that we generate the returns necessary to continue to invest and provide returns to our landowners. Our customers include both national and SME house builders and increasingly some of the most prominent players in logistics. For both we offer sites that are ready to develop, whilst for larger sites, we deliver the necessary infrastructure to de-risk the site for the end-user.

All our profits are recycled back into the L&Q Group to aid the delivery of much-needed affordable housing, in London, the South East and Trafford. In return L&Q Estates is underpinned by a strong financial base with a dedicated financial facility with which to fund our activities.”

Adrian Clack
Managing Director
L&Q Estates

L&Q Group and L&Q Estates

L&Q Estates has been part of the L&Q Group since February 2017. The L&Q Group is a charitable housing association and leading residential developer whose mission is to combine its social purpose and commercial drive to help alleviate the housing crisis in the United Kingdom.

The wider L&Q Group enjoys a total asset value exceeding £23 billion, with a dedicated financial facility of £300m specifically for the sole use of L&Q Estates. This provides a solid financial base for continued investment in the residential and commercial market.

L&Q Estates operate as a stand-alone business within the L&Q Group with the ability to make commercial decisions within the team without reference back to the wider group. This simplified reporting structure allows us the flexibility to operate as a commercial organisation but backed by the financial security offered by the L&Q Group.

L&Q Group’s long-term view, with an emphasis on delivering a lasting legacy with social responsibility, dovetails well with L&Q Estates’ drive, commercial acumen and place making credentials and combine to create new places and communities of which we can be proud.

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