Gotherington, Gloucestershire


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Gotherington is a sustainable "Service Village" situated within Tewkesbury Borough, located within the setting of the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding natural Beauty.

Following the refusal of an outline planning application for 90 dwellings by Tewkesbury Borough and a subsequent appeal dismissal with concerns centred around cumulative disproportionate growth at Gotherington and the impact upon “social well-being” and “community cohesion”, we proceeded to address the reasons for refusal through a re-design of the proposed development.

Gotherington, Gloucestershire

In 2019 a revised application for 50 dwellings (including 40% affordable housing), a multi-use games area, a children’s play area and a multi-purpose community area suitable for village events for Gotherington’s community, was submitted to the Council. The application was supported by officers and recommended for approval. However, the Council’s Planning Committee overturned the recommendation and refused the application.

In 2020 the planning refusal was appealed and planning permission was finally obtained in January 2021.

Tewkesbury Borough Council sought to challenge the appeal decision in the High Court. However, L&Q Estates assisted the Secretary of State in successfully defending the decision and the appeal decision was upheld to enable the site to be taken to the market.

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