Wendover, Buckinghamshire


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We acquired the freehold interest in our land on Tring road, north of Wendover, from a family trust in early 2021. The family, having a relationship with Wendover which stretches back many generations, is keen to deliver a development that offers a lasting legacy which will benefit the local population.

We were chosen as the family’s preferred developer following a rigorous selection process. Our vision for the site matched with that of the owners, who are keen to see the development of a scheme of exceptional quality, which seeks to deliver much-needed affordable housing and elderly accommodation in Wendover.

Wendover, Buckinghamshire

Building on the site's close relationship with the neighbouring canal arm and woodland, we are also seeking to deliver exceptional green spaces that will maximise biodiversity and allow local flora and fauna to flourish.

“L&Q Estates clearly understand the importance of delivering a long term legacy for communities and landowners. We have worked together on two major developments where careful and open engagement is helping to build trust and create great places for people and nature to thrive.”

Alan Caldwell
Owner and Director
Alan Caldwell Associates

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