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Following an in-depth selection process, Gallagher Estates is proud to have been selected as the preferred developer partner of Brasenose College, Oxford, to promote a major urban extension to the south of Oxford City in South Oxfordshire District.

Our combined vision involves the creation of up to 2,000 high-quality new homes (including student and university research fellow accommodation) as well as commercial uses – providing the College with a source of long-term investment income in the green belt to the south of Oxford on land which has been in the ownership of this world-renowned College since the 16th century.

As a College with a global reputation, its chief concern was working with a respected developer who could guarantee delivering a quality development that created a long-lasting legacy, while also having the confidence that we would work alongside the College in a collaborative manner to deliver a development which will serve to enhance its public reputation in Oxford and the surrounding area.

Significant to our selection was our proven track record and our willingness to embark on a thorough programme of community consultation. In addition, we have committed to service the development with strategic, site-wide infrastructure which will promote and deliver a high-quality public realm incorporating schools, public open spaces and a country park around the existing floodplain of Fox Brook.

We also propose improving the gateway to the south of Oxford which is currently marred by numerous overhead power lines and the imposing sight of the Unipart factory. In addition, we are exploring the re-opening of the Cowley branch line to link to Oxford Parkway and on to Bicester and London Marylebone.

We have proposed opening this current freight line as a passenger line to help ease congestion problems on roads in the south of Oxford and provide a convenient link for employees at the Mini car plant at Cowley.

This is a very exciting development proposal and we are incredibly proud to have been selected by Brasenose College to shape future proposals for this gateway site.

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