St. Neots, Eastern Expansion Area, Cambridgeshire


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Building on the successful promotion and development of our Loves Farm site at St Neots, we promoted, and ultimately secured planning, on a further 100 acres of land, for an additional 1,020 homes.

Phase 2 of Loves Farm will be known as Monksfields and the associated infrastructure works will commence in Summer 2023 with a total of four new accesses onto Cambridge Road quickly followed by the estate roads and drainage necessary to serve the new houses plus a new primary school, allotments, sports pitches and commercial development.

We are currently carrying out an archaeological investigation contract to complement the work previously carried out on phase 1. This is adding to the local historical record so generations to come can understand the past.

St. Neots, Eastern Expansion Area, Cambridgeshire

We are also working with the various local planning, highway and drainage authorities to gain their technical approval to our planned works to facilitate the start on site plus liaising with utility providers to ensure services are delivered to site in a timely manner.

A particular challenge has been the currently predicted ban on gas boilers to new homes post-2025 to aid sustainability and enable the UK to meet its carbon emission targets, which has meant we have had to look into new, innovative solutions for heating people’s homes on this second phase of the development. This should see modern heat pumps installed on the site with either a centralised air source solution or separate ground source heat pumps for every home along with EV charging stations and solar panels where feasible.

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